HAPPY 2017

Hope you had a great 2016 and are planning on getting really arty crafty in 2017.

HARTZ has a request.  We want to have lots of different activities in 2017.  If you have a talent and can teach a class please let us know.  We know there are lots of talented people in town.  Email us at arts@hartz.org.au  and lets discuss it.  Interested in any kind of art and craft!


Every year HARTZ hosts a trash into art competition called REstARTZ! This year our competition has a marine theme. So the rules are, your art project must either be made out of marine debris (man made items found on the beach or in the ocean) or be made out of man made trash depicting the marine environment and or raising awareness of keeping our marine environment clean.

To inspire you we are hosting a workshop with Cecile Williams on September 3. Cecile has dedicated her art practice to creating social change.

Now remember NO SEA SHELL art accepted as the environmental effect of removing sea shells from beaches ranges from increased erosion to fewer building materials for bird nests.

So get busy! Let”s see your creativity more information will be added as we make it up 🙂

HARTZibald 2016

HARTZibald is an exhibition of Portraits of Someone in Hedland by Someone in Hedland.  This year we are planning a fun evening out to celebrate the artists and their subjects.  A pop up exhibition at the Matt Dann Theatre with drinks and nibbles followed by a blockbuster movie.

Completed Hartzibald Entry Forms are due April 19.

Artwork Due: Wednesday, April 27,  6-8pm at the HARTZ Studio or Thursday April 28, 2.30-4.30pm at Matt Dann.  Ensure the Artworks Detail Form is attached

Exhibition & Movie:  Everyone is invited to attend the Exhibition and following movie at the Matt Dann. Movie tickets are $25, $22 or $19, depending on your eligibility, and can be purchased at the Matt Dann that evening. Friday, April 29.  Doors open 6pm, Winners Announced: 6:30pm, Movie: 7:30pm

Artwork Collection:  Friday, April 29,  7:30-8pm, from the Matt Dann or Wednesday, May 4, 6-8pm from the HARTZ Studio.

Terms and Conditions are listed on the Hartzibald Entry Form which includes the Artworks Detail Form

REstARTZ 2015: Recycle & Reuse Art Competition

Entry forms and artwork due Thursday, 10 September 2015


Everyone is invited to submit artwork which demonstrates the concept of resource recovery – turning waste into art – through the use of recovered waste items that would ordinarily go to landfill. Artists may up-cycle old household items or transform waste into a new product.

Entry is Easy & Free.
Use mainly pre-used man made materials, make sure there are no sharp edges, or anything else that can cause harm or offend exhibition staff or public. Each artist or group can submit two works of art. Each piece must be delivered with its own entry form to HARTZ on Thursday, 10 September  between 10am and 2 pm. You can even offer your art for sale!

Winning entries will mainly use recovered waste products and materials., have creative, functional, and aesthetic merit and demonstrate innovation, craftsmanship and work quality. Winners will be announced: Friday, 11 September 2015

Entry Form

Recycled Art Is Back!

IMG_0346[2]Just wanted to share these gorgeous blooms, made from recycled plastic water bottles standing proudly at the HARTZ Studio. These were painted by kids (and some adults) at the Welcome to Hedland night at the Town Square earlier this year. Hope this inspires you to create Something From Nothing!

Just around the corner! REstARTZ: Recycle & Reuse Art Competition 2015

Everyone is invited to submit an artwork which demonstrates the concept of resource recovery – turning waste into art – through the use of recovered waste items that would ordinarily go to landfill. Artists may up-cycle old household items or transform waste into a new product.

Recycled Art

To kick start this fun competition HARTZ  arranged several opportunities to work with Kerry Argent, 2015 winner of Sculpture by the Sea. Kerry is an annual exhibitor in Sculpture by the Sea in WA and NSW and an award winning artist with extensive experience. Kerry’s successful arts practice combines numerous strengths including using recycled and found objects, fabric and textile crafts and working on community art projects. Living in the rural region of Lake Grace, Kerry has drawn on farming practices and uses wool and welding skills for many of her creations.

Entry Form

Entry forms and artwork must be delivered by  Thursday, September  10 2015.

Full house for Portait Painting Workshop.

We had an amazing turn-out for Mel North’s Monochromatic Portraiture workshop earlier this month with our studio filled to capacity with eager participants.

We had all experience levels attend from complete novices to those who hadn’t picked up a brush since high school and a couple of hobbyist painters who were looking to hone there skills.

Some fantastic pieces were completed by the end of the second session with the others happy to come in to our Studio Open Nights to finish their fabulous projects.

Mel was a great speaker and showed each participant a few tricks to give their paintings a bit of POP.

Well done and we look forward to seeing you at the next workshop!

Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_10 Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_19  Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_03Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_04Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_05Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_25Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_34Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_21Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_00 Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_02 Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_19Hartz_Mel_North_May2015_28

Writing, Photograhy and Videography – Oh My!

HARTZ has teamed up with ABC Open to bring Port Hedland a series of writing, photography and videography workshops throughout the year.

They are perfect for all levels of experience and its not just for those with a big fancy camera on hand – you can participate with a small camera, a smart phone or a table!

With  Photography: Snapped Project; Writing: 500 Words and Videography: Simple 30 Second Video as the topics, themes rotate as per ABC Open’s program month-to-month. You will also be given some great resources to help you develop you skills in your chosen field(s).

If you make a contribution to ABC Open, your content may end up travelling top other ABC platforms such as The Brief, The Drum, ABC News, TV, Radio National’s Life Matters or local radio. Photography may be chosen to be featured on websites, printed and hung in ABC offices or exhibitions, credited to you of course.

Coming Soon: HARTZ Open Nights

HARTZ welcomes members of the community to come share their creative space on Wednesday evenings, at their Open Nights. Meet like-minded people in a relaxed social atmosphere and work on your art/craft projects or learn a new skill.

Craftspeople Wanted!

Do you have a skill in the arts, or a knack for crafting? HARTZ is always on the lookout for local people to share their passion by facilitating workshops. We are open to all forms of art – performing arts, song/creative writing, clay, painting/drawing yarn-bombing and anything else that’s on offer!

If you are interested in a position or would like to get together with like-minded creative folk, please contact the Coordinator – hartz@countryartswa.asn.au or 0427 890 530