HARTZ (Hedland Arts Council)

HARTZ is a not for profit organisation that has been nurturing the extended Port Hedland community with the arts since 1994. Driven by a committed volunteer management committee, HARTZ presents a vibrant and diverse program of regular arts activities to the area.

The community focus and affordability of the HARTZ program makes the organisation a key resource to build artistic enjoyment, community pride and creative development.

Meet the HARTZ Volunteer Committee

HARTZ is completely volunteer run.


David Hooper


David Hooper is one of WA’s premier Landscape and Marinescape Artists and one of the original founders of HARTZ.


Richard Brooks

Vice Chairperson

Richard has been a HARTZ committee member the longest.  He is a true artistic genius. He is a sculpturer, writer, painter and more.


Beryl Parker


Beryl specializes in painting and fibers.  Beryl is efficient with everything and keeps us organized!


Gloria Lockyer


Gloria is working on a series of paintings depicting powerful women when she is not working on her PhD.


Guy Warnock

Facilities Manager

Guy's an incredible life drawing artist when he is not saving the world.  He hopes to bring order to our messy world.


Leanne Rusto

Open Studio Cordinator

Leanne knows no fear where art is concerned.  Melting wax, copper embellishment, acrylic skins...  Leanne keeps HARTZ functional.


Sangita Trivedi Daniel

Event Organizer

Sangita is a glass and paint artist and our general go to gal at HARTZ


Sam Bell

Committee Member

Sam is our photographer although she wants to clarify that she is not responsible for all the photos on this website.  Sam also makes the fabulous spreads that HARTZ puts on.


Travis Lilley

Committee Member

Travis is just our biggest joy.  His talent knows no bounds and he inspires everyone around him.  He paints, creates giant copper sculptures and keeps HARTZ plumbing going!


Laurence Leroux

Committee Member

Laurence is just one of the coolest people you would ever want to be around.  She can also paint!



Alie Scott

Committee Member

Alie is new to painting and is loving being part of the art world and helping out wherever she can.

Waiting For You!

Committee Member

It takes a lot to keep an art group going and we need more hands.  Please email if you can help