Website Making

So this is a plea for your patience…  HARTZ is trying to do over our website and in the process I, sangita, the HARTZ volunteer who is working on this is breaking a lot.  Be patient.  We are in the process of moving domain registrars, setting up email, getting our forms to work, yada, yada yada.  Doing all this in between working and keeping up an art practice too (forget the house).  What is interesting to me is that I came from the world of website design where we originally wrote it all in HTML code.  Then I moved to the world of Dreamweaver and Photoshop.  with those tools I could conquer the world.  The problem was that then non website designers could not easily edit their own websites so I chose to use Word Press.  Gosh using the template took me three times as long as it would if I had just hard coded it but at least now any of our volunteers can update the site.  Overall I now know why I quit being a web designer.  Like I said be patient with us.

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